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Welcome Back, Mr. Eli Jacinto

Master classes with international dance master and choreographer, Eli Jacinto, on April 15, 2018!

Mr. Eli will be back in California this month and you don't want to miss his classes on Sunday, April 15, 2018. He will be teaching two classes - Levels Beginning - 2A at 11:00 am and Levels 2B-5 & professionals at 12:30pm - and a special session for choreography in the afternoon.

Eli Jacinto's remarkable career in dance spans decades. He is notable as a performer, dancing different styles, including jazz, ballet and modern dance, as well as Philippine traditional dances, which took him on tours all over the world. He opened his own TEAM Dance Studio in 1981 and has guided the careers of several dance personages, including our beloved artistic directors at RDA. He is also a celebrated choreographer, touted as “inventive,” and an “adept craftsman,” by dance critics. His immense passion for the performing arts is very apparent when you meet him, and resonates during his master classes. Do take this rare chance!

Details available at the reception desk as you register. Pre-registration is required to attend his classes, so sign up today!

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