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Studios may open very soon!

But we will still have ZOOM classes for those who would still like to continue to self-isolate

As we wait patiently for approval to reopen RDA, we want to thank all our RDA families for your continued support and dedication to dance and to RDA through these times! We appreciate you all joining us on Zoom with our virtual classes and keeping your kids dancing and allowing them to continue with us and with dance. We love that we can see our students each week and be a positive and uplifting part of their day.

Zoom classes have been going great and we have made some schedule adjustments to begin June 1st with Zoom to give each dancer more level options and possibly a few more classes to choose from with some on site options coming soon. Please see the updated June Zoom schedule here.

We are preparing to reopen RDA as soon it is safe and allowed with several new policies, guidelines and studio adjustments to ensure everyone's safety at all times. Please download the Covid-19 Reopening RDA safety precautions here, and review with your dancers as we prepare to return to on site classes.

We are hoping to continue the Zoom virtual classes with some on-site options soon for those who feel comfortable to dance on-site at RDA. Parents and students would have the choice and option to dance from home or with us at RDA, with several safety and health precautions in place. We are hoping to start and ease into some on-site classes with the Zoom option soon with our older dancers first then the younger dancers when the time is right. The RDA staff is working hard to prepare and we want you all to know we are doing everything we can to keep dancing and share our love for dance and the arts with our RDA students!

RDA parents, students, teachers and office staff have been absolutely amazing through this all and we are so thankful to you! The kids really light up with happiness to see each other and their teachers and to continue to do what they love each week, it brings a bit of hope, love and togetherness through these times. We hope you are all safe and well. We are praying for you all & know with faith & hope things will get better. Big hugs to all of our RDA families and much gratitude for dancing, supporting and continuing with us through all of this. Miss you all and we look forward to seeing you all in person soon!

We have been having a lot of fun with our dancers with new creative ways of learning and getting the kids excited to keep dancing with dance games, spirit color days, show and tell, fun music and videos, short visits and chats at the end of class times, tons of encouragement from our awesome teachers and more! Thank you again to everyone who has joined us and we encourage everyone to join in!!! We are so happy to keep our dancers moving while home, connect with us here at RDA, stay in shape and keep active! Teams, The Summer Ballet, Musical & Showcase rehearsals have been going well and will continue in the month of June. If your dancers have any make up lessons they may take them via zoom as long as they are at their level and on site soon. Try something new and make it fun for the kids!

Information and access to our ZOOM virtual classes is for current RDA students only. Please see the virtual class schedule here. Once you sign up for classes, we will send you the link & log-in info, as well as step by step instructions for setting up and getting access to your dance classes


RDA Health and Safety guidelines that we ask all staff, parents & students adhere to at all times to ensure everyone's safety at RDA when we do resume on site classes-The health of our families and dancers, as well as the health of our staff and teachers, are of great importance to us and we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment.

*Please drop of and pick up your dancers only if possible. If you do need to wait for your student at RDA please wait in your car if possible. Please only bring 1 family member with your dancer or dancers if siblings. We will have limited seating outside & inside 6 feet apart if dropping off only or waiting in your car is not an option.Please always practice social distancing and maintain 6 feet away from anyone else that is not your family member at RDA

*Masks will be required at all times at RDA

* Please take your temperature before entering RDA and temperature will also be taken at the door upon entrance, please maintain 6 feet apart if you are waiting and arrive a bit early to have your temperature taken

* We are installing plexiglass at our front office desk area

* We are limiting class sizes to maintain social distancing

* Please only bring a few items with you to RDA . Dancers please arrive dressed in your dance attire with hair up and only bring your dance shoes and water with you. Please do not share anything at any time. Please do not bring any toys etc

* We are continuing with virtual on-line zoom dance classes as long as needed and giving our dance families the option to dance from home or on site when we do re open

*The studio will be wiping down bars between classes

*We have added hand sanitizer to all classrooms, lobby, restrooms and front desk area

*We will be consistently disinfecting mats and props and the entire dance studio

*We will be monitoring students health while at RDA and will keep the students apart for social distancing and keep class sizes smaller per room

*Several studio deep cleanings have taken place and will continue, RDA will stay stocked with plenty of disinfecting supplies and cleaning supplies to clean daily and throughout business hours

*We will do our best follow CDC recommendations on how to proceed daily

*Please do not enter RDA for at least 24 hours you show any signs illness or if you have been sick

*Please remind and encourage your children to wash their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds at a time especially before eating and do not share food and drinks.

* Please remind your dancer to maintain good personal hygiene and shower before and after attending dance classes at RDA.

*Please remind your kids to cover their nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing and wash/disinfect their hands afterwards.

*Your child should stay home if they have the following symptoms:

*Temperature or Fever over 98.6 degrees, Cough, Sneezing/runny nose

*Vomiting or diarrhea (within the last 24 hours)

*We ask that anyone entering RDA be respectful of all the guidelines listed above and remind your dancer to do the same for the safety of everyone at RDA.

Additionally, if any parents, students, staff have displayed any of the above-mentioned symptoms, they should not enter RDA. If a child is brought to class with any of these symptoms, they will not be allowed to participate in class and will be sent home. An opportunity to make-up the absence will of course be available.

A few more updates-

Performance Fundraiser- The fundraiser closed 5/15 and we are waiting for the information and payment from the company. Once both are received we will notify those that participated and apply your credits to your dance accounts.

 Teams- Teams will continue practicing via zoom in June & on site when we reopen, please attend weekly. Tiny teams Wed at 2:00 and all other teams Wed at 7:15 & 8:00. We are planning to attend and compete our 2019-2020 teams/ choreography as soon as it is safe to do so and will keep everyone posted as we receive more information and updates.

 Summer Performance Showcase-  Dancers have been practicing in our zoom classes & will continue on site when we reopen. You may STILL sign up via email! We have attached the sign up forms and extended our due date to 5/15, however we are still accepting sign ups at this time! We are still planning to perform for Summer 2020 and will be using the costumes purchased and choreography we have been working on. We are staying informed as to what our options will be as we get closer to our summer dates and will keep everyone posted.

 Summer Ballet & Musical- Rehearsals via zoom and will continue for June with hopes of some on site options. We will be sending out your June rehearsal schedule soon. We are still planning to perform for Summer 2020 and will be using the costumes purchased and choreography we have been working on. We are staying informed as to what our options will be as we get closer to our summer dates and will keep everyone posted.

Again, thank you for being a part of our RDA Dance family and sharing the love and joy of dancing with us! We appreciate you all and your patience, support and understanding at this time and your cooperation to keep RDA open & going! We look forward to giving our RDA students a safe place to dance! Prayers to you all and please stay safe and healthy!

Together we will overcome this and be dancing again stronger than ever!

RDA Directors & Staff


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