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Staying safe in the studio

Classes are still available online as we move back onsite

· COVID19 Updates

Hello Dance families, for now we will be offering onsite options starting this Saturday 8/8. RDA classes will be held with the onsite option as well as the virtual option available.

Le Corsaire and Grease rehearsals will take place onsite with virtual options still available.

If you need to stay home for any reason please login and dance from home, these are only options that are available as each families situation is different and we are doing our best to accommodate everyone with safety as our #1 priority.

We are staying informed daily and continuing these options weekly will depend on the current situation we are in.

We thank you for your patience and putting everyone's safety and health above all else. We look forward to offering onsite options starting 8/8 with safety for all as our first priority.

To keep you and your loved ones safe and everyone at RDA safe, please be sure if you attend onsite that you-

Review our RDA safety precautions,

Wear a mask at all times over your nose & mouth,

Wash your hands,

Shower before and after attending,

Maintain 6 feet away from all others while at RDA - please remember while attending rehearsals!

Do not enter RDA if you or anyone you know is or has been sick recently,

Absolutely no more than 3 people in the dressing rooms at one time and no loitering in the break room area at all,

Parents, please drop off and pick up only,

Dancers must be picked up right after their class ends and may only come in right before their class and /or rehearsals begin with hair done and dance attire on,

Please do not spend any extra time at RDA when you are not in classes or rehearsals,

Dancers may not wait at RDA during any breaks at this time unless they are very short.

We appreciate your cooperation to keep everyone safe and healthy!

Thank you, RDA Directors & Staff


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