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RDA wins the Studio Excellence Award at the Rainbow Competition

Congrats to our hardworking and passionate competition dancers!

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We are so excited to announce that RDA has won ANOTHER studio spirit award!! The Association of Dance Conventions & Competitions and Rainbow awarded RDA with the Studio Excellence Award! RDA demonstrated a very high level of professionalism, kindness and respect to all of the other competitors, teachers, rainbow staff and fellow RDA teammates! Also, several of RDA's entries were awarded the All Star Dancers NYC award for displaying passion for performing on stage and were invited to be a part of "The New York City Dance Experience" keep up the great work!

Dancer-of-the-Year Special Awards:

Congratulations to Megan Giffin for winning the prestigious Dancer-of-the-Year title for ages 15-19 for her Gamzatti Variation from La Bayadere.

Congratulations to Emily Kelley for winning the prestigious Dancer-of-the-Year title for ages 12-14 for her number, "Chasing".

Congratulations to London Mitchell for placing 7th overall of 35 (!!!) participants and coming close with a Runner Up for the Dancer-of-the-Year title for her Kitri Variation from Don Quixote.

London, Megan and Emily competed in a separate and exciting division judged with a unique score sheet comprised of criteria emphasizing overall entertainment and performance quality. The Dancer-of-the-year category is offered to intermediate and up levels only. Students must register prior to competition to enter for a chance to win!

Congratulations to our Competition Dancers!!

Rainbow Award Achievements are: Double Platinum (highest scores), Platinum and High Gold

Overalls are chosen out of many routines of multiple styles within each age category.

The dancers love the support from parents, staff, coaches and even other dancers and parents who are not yet on competition teams. If you were unable to make it out to Long Beach, we would love to see all our RDA dancers and families at our next competitions:

Riverside: June 1st-3rd

Nationals in Vegas: July 1st-6th!

There is still plenty of time to check out comp teams and see what they are all about for next year. Whether you are a current competition student or if you are interested in joining competition teams next year, now is the time to get really serious about your technique and rock the audition on August 26th! Keep in mind, you may be invited to represent RDA with a solo, duet or trio so be sure you are ready. Keep learning and preparing!

(Schedules will be emailed and posted to the board when available)

Thank you so much to the Rainbow Crew! We had such an amazing time and we could not have done it without your wonderful staff!

We love the growth we are seeing, keep up the great work dancers! Let's continue to improve upon our best selves each competition, no matter what the awards are!

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