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Congrats to our KAR Nationals Competition Dancers!

· Competition Results

RDA's Competition dancers had an amazing time at KAR Nationals in Vegas! This year was wonderful. The dancers worked so hard and made tremendous and highly noticeable improvements to their dance technique.


Congratulations to Camila, Yazmin, Erin, Violet and Genesis for performing in the KAR Star Showcase 2018 opening number!

Next year's competition team auditions are coming up on August 26th and we hope to see all RDA dancers ages 4 and up at the audition! Check here for more audition info>>

KAR Award Achievements are:

Elite Top First (highest scores), Top First and First

Category placements: Dancers are ranked in each age and style

Overall/High Point placements: Dancers are ranked out of multiple styles within each age category.

If you were unable to make any of the competitions this year, you still have one more chance to catch the teams at our shows in August!

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