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Check in to RDA on Facebook and Instagram and win a prize!

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Check in to win P150.00! Here's how:

1. Take a selfie, a wefie or a picture of anybody while at RDA.

2. Prepare to post on Facebook and Instagram. 

3. Make sure to check in to Riverside Dance Academy + Performing Arts when you do.

**On Facebook, it's found on "Add to your post" at the bottom, and choose "Check in." You'll find us there already, including our address.

**On Instagram, it's at the end of the process, after you edit your pic and have chosen a filter. It's under "Tag people," just click on "Add Location." We're already on there as well, just do a quick search too.

4. Tag us! We're _riversidedanceacademy_ on Instagram! And of course, just type out Riverside Dance Academy on Facebook.

5. Use hashtags! #RDAcheckintowin


Good luck, guys!

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