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· COVID19 Updates

Hello RDA families,

We appreciate your patience as we stay informed daily as to when we can return to onsite classes and continue with classes & rehearsals virtually for now.

We are hoping to be back at RDA soon with onsite classes and Zoom virtual options still available! It was so nice to finally see some of our dancers back here at the studio and to be able to work with them in person with everyone's safety as our 1st priority and can't wait to return in person. We know things will improve and we can get back here to RDA soon! Please be sure you have reviewed our safety guidelines with your dancer and let's all continue to work as a team to keep everyone at RDA safe at all times when onsite classes resume.

We want to thank you again for your continued support, understanding and patience as we work through these times as a business.

Our current class zoom / onsite schedule with tons of virtual options is up on our website and has been emailed out to all of our dancers. We encourage you to login and dance with us until the time is right for you to return! When we do return onsite soon and for those that will be continuing virtually we are here for you and will continue to offer on-line classes as long as you need them. Please remind your dancers when dancing from home to pay close attention to their teachers and try their best so they can continue to improve. We have sent out some good reminders of how to dance from home. Please review with your dancers.

When our new year begins 9/8 we will have a variety of levels & classes for all ages available with our wonderful staff available to all of our RDA dancers and classes not enrolled in may also be used for any make up lessons needed.

2019-2020 RDA Competition Teams
Please be sure you have read our recent team update sent out 7/22/20. We will not be holding the 2:00, 7:15 & 8:00 team rehearsals for the rest of July and August and will resume all 2019-2020 teams rehearsal tentatively Wednesdays at 6:30 for September only until our Summer performances.

Thank you and we can't wait to see your amazing dances at our Summer performance!!

Summer Performances
We are continuing to carefully plan our performances and we have released our tentative plans so far via email 7/23. Please be sure to read the update and all of the attachments for important information.

We really do appreciate your patience, support and understanding as we continue deal with many unexpected situations and do our best to make adjustments for everyone's wellbeing & safety.

For the Summer Ballet & Musical-Please attend rehearsals via zoom and hopefully soon here onsite at RDA.

The August rehearsal schedule was sent out with our performance update 7/23/20.
Showcase performers continue to attend your classes via zoom and practice your dances, we hope to be back at RDA soon!

We are still accepting sign ups for showcase dances only at this time.

Most performance costumes are in and may be picked up soon.

Closures & Important Dates
August 2020- student evaluations released including your level, new dance year / fall schedule, level requirements new year registration form, pre-pointe invites & 2020 nutcracker ballet audition times.
8/23-9/7 RDA closed Summer Break
New / Fall Dance year begins 9/8!!!
9/13 Nutcracker Ballet Auditions
9/23-9/27 Tentative Summer performance dates

We hope to see you all soon here at RDA!
Thank you again, RDA Directors and Staff

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