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A Message from the Artistic Directors

& Staff

New Dance Year here we come!!! We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to share the love of dance with your children. We care very much about them all and want wonderful futures for them. We take great pride in our academy and the many programs that we offer here at RDA. We have come such a long way and accomplished so much in the short 6 years we have been open! We offer excellent training in all styles of dance & our focus and
specialty is classical ballet with the hopes and dreams for all of our dancers to learn and appreciate the beauty and importance of ballet. We strive to communicate how it is the foundation of all other types/styles of dance and very necessary for any future in dance. We want our dancers to train in ballet consistently and once ready begin to train en pointe along with many other styles of dance that we offer.

Our award winning staff is more than qualified to prepare and train our dancers for the dance world. We see the value in performing consistently on stage in our story ballets such as the Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Don Q, The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and more! Performing
these roles, becoming familiar with the atmosphere of ballet rehearsals, learning the story of each traditional ballet and being a part of these ballets with a respectable academy and company (CODA- Company Of Dance Artists) is useful and valuable to include on their resumes as well as pre professional and professional experiences needed in the professional dance world.

RDA Musical productions are a big part of the well rounded dance training we offer
also and gives our dancers a variety of experience. Ballet is an art form that requires many hours of practice, dedication, hard work, determination and attention to detail. The RDA dancers that have put their complete trust in our training programs and recommendations with ballet as a priority are technically amazing, thriving in all areas of dance and have a well rounded dance education with a bright future! We do see the values and importance of
exploring many areas of dance and how dancers should open up to several styles with that core ballet training. We have always prioritized jazz, contemporary, hip hop, musical theater, tumbling, tap and so much more. We truly love that our dancers have the opportunity to experience it all here at RDA.

Competition dance has always been a big part and priority of RDA and we do encourage dancers to train and participate on our RDA competitive teams with the understanding that we want much more for our dancers than just winning at the competitions that we attend. It is an important part of their dance training to be opened up to several different styles, master those styles with many classes and rehearsals and perform with confidence, strength and
wonderful technique. We do not spend all of their training time on tricks and competition technique because of the importance of their ballet training and that sometimes makes for a longer process of improvements and getting the immediate results. In the long run, and with the bigger picture, the dancers will have more experience and their technique will be cleaner and they will be more versatile, which is very clear to see in our older dancers who have
been training with us the last 6 years.

We do love competing and offering competition dance here at RDA, it keeps our dancers excited about performing on stage and to work hard in class, the dancers learn valuable skills in many different styles from the team commitment, the dancers bond in a positive way with one another and learn how to set goals and how to achieve them when determination is used. We have excelled for several years in the competition world (commercial and classical, YAGP ) and have been recognized many times for our dancers' wonderful technique and our directors & teachers choreography. We take pride in the balance that we keep in having fun, working hard and making sure these dancers are loving it all! We are not willing to win at any cost and try not to place too much importance on winning but rather improving and growth. It is important to us to keep competition costumes, choreography and song choices classy and age appropriate.

We do understand that each dancer may have their preference of dance and whatever that may be we do support that and have everything they may need to succeed which is why we have always believed in offering ALL styles of dance, musical theater, acting, music and now musical productions. This is another way for dancers to open up and be ready for more dance jobs if they should choose to do so. There are many areas and directions these dancers may choose to head into once they graduate high school; it is our hopes and dreams that we have prepared them for it all with education as a top priority always.

While we do encourage dancing professionally, dancing in college, teaching and choreographing and staying well connected in the dance world, we know the importance of a great school education. We also offer teacher training programs which help prepare our dancers for a career as a dance teacher, choreographer and/or coach as well as building their resumes and giving them a dance/ teaching job.

Please join our booster club & join us in building RDA up to thrive for our students and to raise funds for your dancer to do it all! There are so many goals, hopes and dreams that we have for our RDA family and we look forward to keep communicating clearly the direction RDA is headed. We appreciate you all remaining positive and keeping RDA a negative-free atmosphere.

Thank you again for allowing us to work with your children & making RDA what it is today, it is a great honor and we absolutely love what we do. We are looking forward to another strong year of dance & performing arts for our 2019-2020 dance year!!

Thank you,

Rachel & Quincy Jacinto

Artistic Directors of RDA & Staff


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